The Program

Are you new to project management and feel like you're underwater?


It's a tough job to get started and it's hard to find good information that will help you right now, this very minute. It's even harder to find training that will get you what you need - most of what's offered is more like paint-by-numbers, a process that isn't really what your company uses and - it's expensive.


How about a whole day dedicated just to you and what you need?


You'll walk out with

  • Confidence in your knowledge of project management basics
  • A beginning project management toolkit
  • Answers to your most burning questions
  • A plan to move forward
  • Templates and handouts to help with the next set of challenges you might face


I know what you're going through (been there, done that). How do you see the big picture and the details all together? How much do you report, and to whom, and what seemingly innocent information will bring an unexpected reaction? It's really like putting together a puzzle. I can help - we'll work on it together. I'll bring the picture on the box :-)


Sound good? Let's get together to see if we're a good fit. Get on my schedule for a (free) quick "Check it Out" call!


The Details


This one day program is just for you - one-on-one, customized to your needs, absolutely unique. We'll talk about your projects, your project issues, and your questions. I'll help you understand project management concepts in plain everyday language and provide examples in your wheelhouse. By the end of the day you'll feel like you can breathe again - you'll understand the basic concepts, have some new tools in your project management toolbox, and be ready to take on the world (or at least your projects!)


Best of all, we can do it in one day on the phone (sure, multimedia is always available to show examples, share tools, even video-conference).


What you'll bring:

  • Something to eat
  • A cleared agenda with no interruptions
  • A list of tools you know you'll be using
  • Questions and issues
  • Your biggest/only/problem project


What I'll have for you:

  • An agenda and a format
  • A lifetime in work years of experience - whatever you're facing, I've been there. Probably more than once.
  • Project management expertise, personalized to your needs, projects, and tools.
  • Plain English definitions and information. (If you like the jargon-y stuff, I'll have websites where you can buzzword to your heart's content.)
  • Strategies (lots of them) for dealing with the issues you're facing right this minute
  • Lots of handouts and templates
  • Written notes from the session
  • A session recording for remote sessions



The agenda:

  1. Jump right in with two hours of definitions and instruction, including walking through a sample project. Because you'll provide information before the session, the sample project will be tailored to your knowledge base - we'll focus on the process.
  2. Take a break to clear your mind, write down any questions, and refocus
  3. Spend an hour walking through the tools of the trade, focusing on the ones you know you'll be using
  4. Lunch break - 30-45 minutes to take a break, partake of sustenance, write down any questions
  5. Walk through your biggest/only/problem project - where you are, what you need, guidance on where to go next and what to implement for 1.5 hours
  6. Answer any burning questions and wrap up the session


What you get:


  • Personal, all-for-you, build-your-confidence, tailored instruction and coaching from an industry expert
  • A guide through the maze of terminology, concepts, and tools in everyday language
  • Handouts so you can remember it all
  • Templates so you can apply it all
  • Written notes from the session
  • Session recording (for remote sessions)