What is it? Regular project management check-in to deal with issues, assess progress, and learn new project management skills


Who's it for? Project managers - new and seasoned


What do I get?

  • Stop feeling alone and gain confidence in your abilities. Every project manager needs a sounding board.
  • Get advice on how to handle the new stuff thrown at you every day
  • Have a friendly ear when you need one.
  • Gain a Mentor - get expert advice from a seasoned professional project manager on any aspect of your project and on your professional development
  • Explore new project management topics to help build your project management toolkit


How does it work?

  • 30 minute session every 3 weeks by phone, with a follow-up recording of the session
  • Minutes of each session
  • Unlimited access to project management resources folder
  • Unlimited emails (response within 2 business days)



What can we do in 30 minutes?

  • Address a single burning issue
  • Vent and get some resources for whatever is the stress/trigger point
  • Instruction on one specific topic
  • Suggestions for reading, education, exploration



Sound interesting? Let's get together to see if we're a good fit. Get on my schedule for a (free) quick "Check it Out" call!