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Catch Kim speaking on EQ for Project Managers at the PMI Global Congress 2016, September 25-27

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Our YouTube Channel is live!  Stuff That Helps: Quick Fixes has short videos to get you up and running fast.  The whole staff helps out.  Check it out here

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Throwing Skunks and Eating Frogs! On the People and Projects Podcast,  I was part of a fun panel discussion - this one is a video podcast.  Take a look/listen (Click here)!

Catch Kim on the PM Podcast talking about People-Centered Project Management!

Check out my guest stint on The Stacey Harris podcast.



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IvyBay Consulting can help keep your business – and you – on track. We’ll provide the focus to get products out the door on time, to spec, and on budget. IvyBay has a wealth of knowledge based on a broad range of experience and education combined with a healthy amount of common sense. We can help tailor your processes to best fit your business, products, corporate culture and team organization. We provide training, coaching, evaluation and execution leadership for project and program management, process improvement and definition, business analysis, and time management. Software development and agile processes are a specialty - we can help you make the transition to agile or tailor your current process to better fit your needs. If you’re working with teams located across the country or around the world we can help set up the communications processes, systems, and coordination to make your teams work well.