This was interesting. 


My assumption was that the PDU equivalents needed to be logged on PMI to count toward the certification.


In retrospect, that wasn't too smart since you don't have to be a PMI member to take the PMP exam.


I happily read and followed the education company's instructions for claiming PDUs.  I got to the screen, put in all the information for the first class, and wasn't able to find a place to put the actual PDUs/hours.  I ended up chatting with PMI Support to actually figure this out - you can't claim PDUs unless you're certified.


The bottom line?  You don't put those learning hours anywhere.  You need to keep proof of completion somewhere in case there's an audit after you take the exam.


Of course, I haven't put in the application yet so maybe it will show up there.



Thank goodness I printed each completion certificate - for all 27 classes!