Agile software development concepts and process (can be applied to non-software projects)


The emergence of eXtreme Programming in the late 1990s gave rise to a new method of software development under the description of Agile practices.   Agile practices and methodologies (and there are many, including Scrum) incorporate the need for change and feedback while a software project is under development.  While not appropriate for all software development projects, Agile practices are have gained popularity as they have been proven to reduce software costs and time to market while increasing customer satisfaction.  This workshop introduces the basics of Agile software development, outlines the required elements, and provides examples of various configurations of Agile development methodologies.


  • Agile evolution
  • Agile basic concepts
  • Agile comparison with Waterfall SDLC
  • Popular Agile flavors
  • Required elements of an agile process
  • Agile development tools


  • Comparison with current company practices
  • Addition of Kanban (lean vs. agile)

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