Individualized time management systems


We all have things to do.  Lots of things to do…and there never seems to be enough time to finish everything.  In today's world, time management is the cornerstone of productivity, both personal and professional. Unfortunately one size does *not* fit all in the world of time management.  This workshop introduces the basic elements of time management, guides participants to an understanding of their own needs, preferences, and processing requirements, and assists each participant in creating a personal, tailored time management system and implementation plan.


  • Insights into your learning/working style
  • Elements of a time management system
  • Tools and techniques to incorporate into time management systems to make them more streamlined and easier to manage
  • Creating your personal time management system
  • Specific personal plan for moving forward with a new or improved time management system


  • Incorporate tools available and/or required in the sponsoring organization.

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