Tools and Checklists

Starting from a list generated by attendees to Kim's Emotional Intelligence session at the 2017 PMI Global Conference, following is a list of interesting team building activities.


In general, here are some good guidelines for team building activities:

  • Understand the personality of your team before you schedule a team-building event
  • Movies, amusement parks, and arcades are not effective for team building (they're great for celebrations though)
  • Problem-solving events (scavenger hunts, locked room, ropes courses) work well
  • Be aware of peoples' physical limitations
  • Think outside the box - shared experiences work as well as problem-solving events


  • A sensory scavenger hunt, where clues use all the senses to appeal to multiple learning styles
  • Cooking together
  • Zip line
  • Community service
  • Happy hour
  • Pedicures and margaritas