IvyBay Services

With a strong background in management at every level plus both Stanford and IBM management education, IvyBay is well equipped to help new managers come up to speed, set up processes to balance the business and the people, and deal with day-to-day situations.  We offer both individual and group education  for new managers.  Education includes the fundamentals of communication, performance management, employee development, workload identification and management, rewards & recognition, status reporting, reviews, and critical legal concepts.  New manager education is most useful when paired with regular coaching, particularly during the first 6 months of management.  IvyBay new manager education and coaching does not include any company-specific processes or or formats, although these can be integrated into the program as necessary.

Kim Wasson, principal at IvyBay Consulting, has extensive experience managing I/T and Software Development groups.  Need someone to pick up part of the load during fast expansions or early start-up?  We can help with that.  From organizational structure to skill sets to cross-functional team set up and from process identification to partnerships with internal customers, we can help partner with your CIO, Development, or I/T manager to help grow (or even shrink, because sometimes it happens) and stabilize your team.

Although we do individual coaching, IvyBay Consulting works primarily with companies to provide project/program management, process analysis, business analysis, education, and a range of other services. We work under contract, with a SOW, on an hourly basis, or under a Master Services Agreement.

For more details on what we can do for you, see our Corporate Services list.

IvyBay Consulting LLC is a certified Woman Owned Business and Woman Owned Small Business.

IvyBay Consulting offers both project and program management assistance, including portfolio management and release management definition. Because it is essential that management of your projects supports your business, our goal is to manage or set up your projects and programs in the way best suited to both your organization and the project at hand. Apart from core project and program management definition and activities, IvyBay Consulting will work with you to create and execute essential supporting functions. These functions may include metrics programs, facilitation and team-building services, tailoring of project management processes for various development methodologies, and the effective use of influence management by project and program managers. Effective project, program, and release management can provide the bulk of day-to-day and short-term task and work management, freeing functional managers to focus on strategic initiatives and people management; structured correctly, these functions form and manage the daily business of product development. IvyBay Consulting has experience in software development projects using all types of development methodologies, from traditional Waterfall to Agile and XP. 

With years of management and coaching experience to guide us, IvyBay can help train new project manager and coach project managers at any level of experience. We provide a support system for project managers working without a PMO, help with organization and tools, and provide materials and instruction on project management techniques. We also help solve problems, provide new processes, and provide feedback and guidance for project and program managers. IvyBay helps evaluate project management candidates and project managers to help them grow professionally and to find the right fit for the organization.

We provide individual coaching sessions as well as coaching packages.