IvyBay Consulting 17903 Mozelle Court, Los Gatos CA  95033

Owner/Consultant/Coach: Management consulting since 2004.  Acted in program management, management coaching, application development, systems and business analysis, process engineering, and management/organization consulting capacities for companies varying in size from very small (less than 10 people) to very large (Fortune 50), in technology, service, and traditional manufacturing fields.



eBay 2145 Hamilton Ave., San Jose, CA 95125

Sr. Manager, Core Program Management: Managed 5 departments of project managers handling development of all core functionality for the eBay site, growing the group nearly 150%. Helped define program management role at eBay; created and rolled out project manager roles/responsibilities. Worked extensively on process improvements for change management, requirements management, MicroSoft Project Server implementation, and various personnel initiatives including creation of career progression for project management and work/life balance initiatives. Managed projects as necessary to support team.


fusionOne, Inc. 55 Almaden Blvd., San Jose, CA 95113

Sinia Corporation 331 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, CA 94043

(fusionOne purchased Sinia)

VP, Technical Services (Operations): Managed Data Center Operations, Business Systems, Customer Support, I/T, Partner Integration/Professional Services, Program Quality, and Systems Engineering groups. Instituted tiered support agreements and standard Support contracts. Drove creation and testing of data center backups and true failover implementation. Created revision control architecture and processes to ensure proper versioning, review, and deployment of database changes. Initiated international staffing to support both European and North American customers. Managed Carrier hosted service and consumer service. Created Program Quality function to ensure ongoing communications and prioritization of work with remote (international) QA group and to establish acceptance criteria for releases and partner integrations. Organized for functional backup capability after deep reduction in force. Established customer turnover process to move from implementation to support phases of contracts. Created automated project reporting for Board of Directors. Created data center contingency plan.


Director of Enterprise Engineering: Managed first release of secure wireless product (updated, branded Sinia application). Integrated and managed products acquired from other companies. Drove initial architecture of integrated product line. Instituted engineering program management.


VP, Engineering and Operations (Sinia): Created, staffed, and managed all technical organizations including Engineering, QA, I/T, Network Operations, Technical Publications, Training, Project Management, and Technical Support/Sales Engineering as original member of wireless internet startup. Managed directors, managers and individual contributors. Led creation, release and support of 1.0 and 2.0 versions of a Java-based product allowing secure live wireless access to internal corporate applications (sold to Fortune 500 companies). Created development, release, operational and HR processes including review process and position descriptions. Key member of Executive team, contributing to strategy, implementation and financing activities. Sinia was acquired by fusionOne in May, 2001.


Resumix, Inc. 890 Ross Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Director of Core Engineering: Managed Engineering line-managers (Knowledge Engineering and Systems Engineering) concurrently with line/project management of departments delivering critical applications. Created and staffed Program Management department. Established and maintained cross-organizational relationships. Created position descriptions for four levels of Engineer plus Engineering line manager. Provided project and program management for strategic internet applications. All director-level functions performed, including planning, budgeting, staffing, and counseling.


General Magic 420 N. Mary Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Engineering Manager/Program Manager: Worked with Engineering, Build, and QA to redefine remaining short-term delivery schedule, defining dependencies and eliminating unnecessary work. Generated metrics for use in distributing workload, tracking changes, and estimating project completion. Managed six engineers. Managed Tabriz 1.0 program, a short duration (4 months requirements to ship) shrink-wrap release. Product shipped on time and to specification - the first in the division's history. Participated in high-level strategic and tactical planning at a divisional level. Led Process Team, creating Product Lifecycle process and obtaining buy-in to the process from all levels of the organization. Designed and managed patch creation process in balance with short-term programs for key customers.


Santa Cruz Operation 400 Encinal, Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Program Manager: Managed point release of SCO’s flagship product. Built project team, created program estimates, and defined program processes. Identified and escalated staffing and market window issues. Concurrently functionally managed two program managers. Re-engineered Product Lifecycle Phase Review process. Drove redefinition of business unit quality model.


Program Quality Manager: Drove evolution of quality strategy from Quality Engineering with team leader to distributed model, including creation of the Program Quality Manager position. Partnered with program manager on SCO’s flagship project to cover risk analysis, requirements analysis, acceptance criteria definition and verification, schedule analysis, process analysis and process improvement. Created Worldwide Quality Team. Constant involvement in development process, manufacturing and release team activities, usability/human factors, productization, internationalization, and product management. Facilitated creation and drove implementation of change management process. Designed metrics for project tracking and projection of product delivery. Pioneered, architected, and participated in professional Self-Directed Work Team (Programs & Quality) which included ten professionals covering all aspects of program management, program quality, and program coordination/administration for SCO.


IBM 5600 Cottle Road, San Jose, CA 95193

SW Engineering Manager: Managed programmers, systems analysts and contractors to support Materials and QA portion of Manufacturing business. Advocated and piloted implementation of empowerment principles and self-directed work teams in conjunction with traditional career planning and evaluation. Business management included budget management, yearly plan cycle, quality management, asset management, customer support at a management level, and re-engineering of Application Development & Maintenance (software engineering) process to comply with corporate instructions.


Program/Project Manager: Drove application development and maintenance, operations, systems support, and telecommunications consolidation of accounting operations for all Western United States manufacturing, development, and research operations into a single location. Tailored and taught ISO9000 course to software organization; reconciled existing processes to ISO9001 standard.


Programmer: Software engineering and systems analysis on midrange and large-scale systems



* MS in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Stanford University

* BS in Computer Science (business minor), California State University, Chico