Create a roadmap to pilot and/or implement Agile software development processes for your company


Many organizations are interested in moving to Agile software development practices from current Waterfall SDLC models.  This workshop introduces various methods of moving to Agile either in whole, in part, as an option, or as a pilot within a company or organization as well as available tools for making the transition or adding the methodology to the process pantheon.  The purpose of the workshop is to explore options for implementation and create a proposal for moving forward with an Agile implementation for the organization.


  • Comparison of Waterfall and Agile including approvals, control points, and process elements
  • Cookbook for piloting Agile
  • Connection points - existing Waterfall points to Agile points
  • Architecting a wholesale changeover
  • Evaluation of pilot Agile projects/process
  • Creating a process selection checklist
  • If desired, proposal creation for Agile implementation


This workshop is customized for the sponsoring organization.  The facilitator will lead the attendees in creating a plan for implementation; prior to the workshop, IvyBay Consulting will work with the sponsoring organization to obtaion background information, corporate culture, and specific goals.

The workshop can be customized for Kanban implementation.

Company Won't Sponsor a Workshop?

Looking for some help on this topic but  your company isn't interested in sponsoring a workshop?  Kim also does individual coaching.  Check out our coaching packages.