Basic management concepts, tools and techniques from communication to rewards and recognition to assessments.


Many companies don't have a formal management training program.  When jumping into the deep end of the pool, it can be difficult to know where to start, what to expect, and what tools are available.  This workshop teaches basic management concepts along with associated tools and their application to help new managers be successful from day 1.


  • The job: representing the company, supporting your employees, and getting the work done
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Soft skills
  • Setting expectations
  • Professional development
  • Assessing performance
  • Balancing people management with company goals and requirements


  • Tailoring for sponsoring organization procedures and documentation
  • Additional topics: interviewing, budgeting, recruiting

About the Workshop Presenter:

Kim Wasson has extensive management experience at levels from line manager to company vice president.  She obtained an initial education in her undergraduate program (business minor) and added to her formal management education in her master's studies (Management Science and Engineering).  Kim was fortunate to get started in management at IBM, which has an extensive internal management education program.  Her recent work in emotional and social intelligence provides additional information, research, and tools to add to the practical experience and formal management education.