In many companies, a person is promoted to management without a clue what to do.    If you're in a company that doesn't have extensive new manager education, we cover the important basics of management in our New Manager Survival Training™ eLearning modules.

  • Communication:  Communication is a vital part of management and the first skill to master.  There are important differences and nuances that are specific to management.  This module will help you avoid trouble and establish good relationships with your team. $25 - Purchase here
  • Employee Motivation and Development:  Happy, motivated employees are productive employees who stay and grow with the company.  As a manager, you are instrumental in providing that motivation and helping employees plan for career development.  Learn the basics of uncovering and satisfying employee motivations and creating workable employee development plans in this module. [IN DEVELOPMENT]
  • Performance Management and Reviews:  This is a soup to nuts guide to creating plans, setting performance expectations, managing poor performance, and writing and delivering performance reviews.  Performance management is key to keeping your department on track and delivering.   Managing good performance is the easy part, but needs attention; managing poor performance is tricky and needs to be handled professionally.  This module leads you through both the good and the bad in performance management and evaluation. [IN DEVELOPMENT]
  • Workload Identification and Management / Interviewing:  You need to keep track of who in your department is doing what work as well as figuring out what your staffing and skills needs are now and will be in the future.  Not only that, you'll have to hire new employees from time to time.  This module gives you some tools to identify and manage your team's workload as well as guidelines for successful interviewing.  [IN DEVELOPMENT]
  • Managing Up:  You've been managing your manager your whole career.  Now, you have to manager your team, your manager, and all the interactions between them.  It's a little tricky, but with some ground rules and guidelines you can juggle it all.  [IN DEVELOPMENT]

NOTE:  All modules are available for live/remote training immediately for groups and companies.  These modules are eLearning modules - at your own pace when you want them.