Software Engineering services offered by IvyBay Consulting are geared primarily toward the management of Software Engineering personnel and processes. We are experienced in a wide array of technologies, languages/facilities, databases, and software development methodologies. Although we can on occasion provide software engineering directly in the form of design and programming, application of IvyBay's perspective on the integration of technologies with methodologies and experience in management of software engineering personnel and organizations in a wide variety of environments is the unique service that we can provide. Technologies are often interchangeable; however, the melding of people, processes, and environments is an ongoing activity for any software development organization. IvyBay can help analyze current organizations and processes; create performance and development plans keyed to the current and planned structure of the organization; advise on management of growth or downsizing; and assist with interviewing techniques and hiring practices. Because Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering are an integral part of software development and engineering, IvyBay Consulting's experience in management and execution in these areas can add significant value to any analysis or proposal required.