IvyBay Consulting offers both project and program management assistance, including portfolio management and release management definition. Because it is essential that management of your projects supports your business, our goal is to manage or set up your projects and programs in the way best suited to both your organization and the project at hand. Apart from core project and program management definition and activities, IvyBay Consulting will work with you to create and execute essential supporting functions. These functions may include metrics programs, facilitation and team-building services, tailoring of project management processes for various development methodologies, and the effective use of influence management by project and program managers. Effective project, program, and release management can provide the bulk of day-to-day and short-term task and work management, freeing functional managers to focus on strategic initiatives and people management; structured correctly, these functions form and manage the daily business of product development. IvyBay Consulting has experience in software development projects using all types of development methodologies, from traditional Waterfall to Agile and XP.