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Websites (all the podcasts also have websites with material)

  • The Girls Guide to PM
  • If you're really thinking about getting into project management, it's worth the price of admission to join  That gets you into where there are endless articles and tons of webinars, new ones every week.


Project Management tools to learn about:

  • Atlassian Series: particularly Jira and, both of which have free versions.  Confluence is an intranet product.  Jira is an agile development management tool.
  • Trello (recently purchased by Atlassian), also free for one user.  Trello is for managing Kanban projects.
  • Basecamp is used by a lot of small companies.  It's more collaboration than project management, but good to know if you're going to a small company.  There's a free version.
  • Asana is also used by a lot of small companies.  Again, more of a to-do list manager than a real project management tool, but small companies often start here.  There is a free version
  • Free Gantt Chart software - this is a pretty current list.  I think that TeamGantt> andTom's Planner> are especially good choices.