IvyBay Services

IvyBay offers process creation, evaluation, and re-engineering services. We can create or update processes that are able to grow with your business as required to control chaos without unnecessary bureaucracy. Clear, simple, and available documentation of the processes you use to run your business is essential, and IvyBay can help you create this documentation and find an easily accessible location for placement within your company. In the Software Development arena, we are experienced using all types of development processes, from Waterfall to Agile to Extreme Programming and can help you tailor a methodology for your company or even for a specific project.

IvyBay Consulting has over 25 years of creation and day-to-day project/program management of teams located across the U.S. and around the world. We can help set up the processes and communication structures to make teams with members in multiple locations productive, taking advantage of timezone differences while ensuring the teams remain focused and cohesive. We have extensive experience in the management of distributed software development teams using both Agile and Waterfall methodologies.

IvyBay Consulting offers time management training, coaching, and consulting. With over 20 years in the field, we have the experience and training to offer both group training on standard methodologies and personal coaching to help tailor time management systems and techniques for an individual’s unique style and needs.

IvyBay offers a broad range of management consulting specializing in performance management. We can define and improve performance management processes and create position descriptions, career progressions, performance plans, and review processes. IvyBay can identify appropriate motivational tools and instruct in navigation of the performance improvement process including management of poor performers.

 From an organizational perspective we can help define a structure for new or existing organizations and architect organizational change in response to changes in business processes, mergers and acquisitions, growth, and downsizing. We assist in navigation of personnel processes and activities from interview techniques to process definition for disciplinary action. Working with your management team IvyBay can create career development processes, forms, and standards and coach your management team in the application of such tools. To assemble these pieces into a consistent, practical and sustainable whole we can assist in articulation of your corporate culture to help tailor your processes, procedures, and recruiting in ways the support that culture.

Software Engineering services offered by IvyBay Consulting are geared primarily toward the management of Software Engineering personnel and processes. We are experienced in a wide array of technologies, languages/facilities, databases, and software development methodologies. Although we can on occasion provide software engineering directly in the form of design and programming, application of IvyBay's perspective on the integration of technologies with methodologies and experience in management of software engineering personnel and organizations in a wide variety of environments is the unique service that we can provide. Technologies are often interchangeable; however, the melding of people, processes, and environments is an ongoing activity for any software development organization. IvyBay can help analyze current organizations and processes; create performance and development plans keyed to the current and planned structure of the organization; advise on management of growth or downsizing; and assist with interviewing techniques and hiring practices. Because Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering are an integral part of software development and engineering, IvyBay Consulting's experience in management and execution in these areas can add significant value to any analysis or proposal required.